• Uniting People

    Educating the masses, building bridges and narrowing the gap between communities
  • International Lecture Tour New Zealand

  • Show Fellow Melbournians the True Message of Islam

  • Rohingya Fundraiser & Iftar

  • International Lecture Tour Kuwait

    Invited to by the Government Kuwait  to Deliver EID Khutba, Friday Khutba & Dawah Lectures this week
  • Interview in Saudi Gazette

    Br. Waseem has been interviewed by Saudi Gazetti
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Who is Muhammad (pbuh)?

"PEACE CONVENTION - Who is Muhammad (pbuh)?"


- Interfaith Session

- 'Mercy & Guidance' of the Prophet (saws)

- The Future Da'ees Session


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Br Waseem's Interview in Saudi Arabia

Alhamdulillah Br Waseem Razvi was interviewed by one of the leading English Newspapers of Saudi Arabia detailing the Dawah activities and the great efforts put by IREA to convey the message of Islam.

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