Islamic Exhibition

One of its kind Islamic exhibition organized and run by IREA under the supervision of Br. Waseem Razvi. The purpose of the exhibition is to portray the true picture of Islam based on Quran and Hadith, removing the blemishes that have stained Islam over the period of time.

The Islamic exhibition is spread over 1,900 sqm providing you with the most up to date contemporary scientific miracles of Quran alongside Islamic beliefs, traditions, and practices through most reliable and authentic sources.

With over 300 panels and deluxe pull up banners explaining Islamic beliefs, the exhibition will also have models, artifacts, manuscripts and live demonstrations to elaborate more on the Islamic concepts.


          -     The Oldest Quran - 1400 year Old Manuscript from Turkish Museum (Facsimile)

          -    3D Models of the two Holiest sites in Islam (Makkah & Madina Masjid Models)

          -    Pharaoh’s Dead Body (Replica)

          -    Several scientific models depicting the miraculous nature of Quran

          -    Exhibits spread over 1500 sqm

          -    Reverts Corner: Meet Australian Reverts from various walks of life


The exhibition will be run by trained IREA da’ees on:

                     -   03:00 pm till 06:00 pm - Friday

                     -   11:00 am till 05:00 pm - Saturday & Sunday

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